Life And Dream Poem

Life, and dream By Ricky Thomas Cain   Things you think about Life can be so complex Then it can be such a dream People leave people stay We all want the best But people bring the worst out in us Then they can make us dream Hopefully one day we can all dream Together it's all we have left

Ageless Love Poem

Ageless love By Ricky Thomas Cain   I met her so far away Distant it seems Almost a decade now Yet we seem to be What we once were Eternal sobbing Eternal pain I loved her so But she loved someone else I was her once I am her now But i wish The same wish she does To be with the person you love

Tradition Poem

Tradition By Ricky Thomas Cain   We grow up the way we are The saying goes Sins of the mother Bloom in the children they bear Do we have control Or is it all predenstined I want her I crave her I give my life to her Yet she is me, and I am her We were destined to be used I want that to change But does she Does ...

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Change Poem

Change By Ricky Thomas Cain   Every second is a new second. Yet i live the same seconds each day. Most of it has been the same all my life. Do i change, or do i not. Survival depends on that change. But is the change Good Or Bad You decide.