Iran Belarus Venezuela buddies forever?

  As the days are closer to  September 4th when,  I head back to the USA. I will be in time for the  county meeting September 5th I will have to wait 12 hours for my flight.  I must mention, that for a period of 2-3 days I had debated on canceling my tickets back to the USA. Since I have been offered 3 jobs (not high paying but enough) in Riga. ...

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In Belarus, laughing at tyranny

  As the   stuff goes on in Belarus here is some perspective. Though the event is spinned by a liberal.

Near dear, close to hell & back darling! All in a mornings breakfast!

I am sorry to disappoint the disappointed rumors of white fang, FSB hunting me down. NKVD torture are just untrue! Even photos with myself & putin along with Lushenko after 1 month of up and down internet where Mcdonalds costs 12 dollars for a Big Mac & Cola (Russian prices) just to get internet. I am at safe harbor in RIGA!! (Latvia) We call this the European Union by the way over here. (Former ...

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Comment posted on “Healthcare Belarus” (So the LIBERALS have found my Healthcare in Belarus video!!!)

Boy oh boy the liberals of the USA have found my Healthcare in belarus video. This guy that commented on my video is a complete idiot! For the Belorussians, Russians, Algerians, Polish, Latvians and every foreign friend that has a Youtube account. (On this email list) I invite you to inform this tool. About how life, or the true living standard is in Belarus, Russia, and the rest of the ...

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