Travel posts

May 31, 2011

Oil, Energy, Lovely Leaders & Money!

As a header note. I added 20 additional people to my traveling email updates group. For some of you this is the first email you have […]
May 30, 2011

The Bribery scam of Belarus

So there is not much new at all But great conversation I tend to uncover! Please read below, ignore the I have a date part. I […]
May 28, 2011

KGB and I meet!

So where do I begin firstly, Surprisingly or as scary as it may sound. I met with a KGB Colonel in Vitebsk. Officially, he is a […]
May 27, 2011

Privatization bad!! Government ownership Superb!

So as there is now a full encircled crack down on any types of media. The grand Belorussian government is forcing out every type of media. […]