So the discussion has a lil spat and I was told I know nothing of US politics hahaha

  • Aaron Anthony

     Bernhard, well done, sir. This is a great idea and opportunity to learn about local politics. I always wished I had a better understanding of local political systems when I was living in Riga. I hope it comes together nicely and is educational and well-attended with balanced representation and discussions.
    And Ricky, if you choose to attend, I hope you will do a lot more listening than speaking, as your rather poor command of language, grammar, and spelling seems to reflect your limited understanding of American and international politics.Good luck with the event.

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  • Ricky Thomas Cain

     Aaron there is no need to be condesending. I come from the viewpoint which every Western European, Russian, Balt, and Eastern European seriously thinks the European Unioun is either identical to the USA, or very close to it. Or the USA is some movie or other that has been seen over here. Which it is not at all. The other about my grammar. I do not know a single american that has perfect grammar. No one uses perfect grammar socially. In the business world yes, you must have perfect grammar. The rest is irrelevant. Most of American english, is saying more with less. If i can shorten 40 words to 10 words and not waste a person’s time. It will have that Americans attention. As for my contribution of quiet or not i very much plan to listen, since I will use it later when I am working in the 2012 election. Keep in mind, I have been working for politicans since 12. I have a deep understanding of American politics.
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  • James Eldridge Do not dare insult the USA! comparing its existence to an economic alliance is bang out of line!

    5 hours ago · 
  • Ricky Thomas Cain its not an insult. I just feel everyone outside the usa. Has a huge misunderstanding of the USA. The only way is to actually live there and more then 1 state

    5 hours ago · 
  • James Eldridge Sarcasm can be found in the above comment I made but really. There is probably many viewpoints on the US and the EU and I would agree that to know, one must live.

    5 hours ago · 
  • Sean O’Donnell

     Ricky your comment about the USA is valid. The misunderstandings about the USA are mainly because the USA has, through its people and structures developed a mentality that is very much one sided, be it gun ho, we are the best, big is beautiful etc. Sadly there is little by way of humility coming from the States and the current President has gone some way to showing a sense of humility which of course is not welcomed in Republican quarters in general. Apologies for my long winded use of the English language – I trained and studied for a long time as an educationalist and language teacher and believe that language should be used properly which can include the use of slang at the appropriate time.
    4 hours ago · 
  • Tor Bernhard Slaathaug

     ‎Ricky, why should Aaron Anthony or myself keep in mind that you has been working for politicians since you was twelve? What kind of arguement is that? What you has been doing in your past doesnt necessary reflect your skills. Aaron can do that game, so can I. You also point out earlier in this thread that taxes always kills economy, and that Latvia should lower taxes as much as possible. When you comes with that kind of “advices”, I stongly suggest that you look into your own contry economy and ask yourself if that economy is a good example to follow.. And if you feel that eveyone outside USA has a huge misunderstanding of the USA, then maybe its time to reflect WHY people like me (I guess I am included in everybody) misunderstand your nation. …. Before I finish: It is more people in this thread that has been working with politicians since they was around 12 as well….. Sometimes humility is a virtue.
    3 hours ago · 
  • Tor Bernhard Slaathaug Hey everyone: O’Donnell and I is working on some interesting names as we speak. We will give you some details on Wednesday. Its ON!

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  • Renato Fera

     International politics is very interesting, American politics is very interesting, European Politics is very interesting, I’m sure that you are all experts in all the politics, I’m sure that you all speak the best English but as I understood from the beginning of this topic the theme was organizing a Latvian political evening. So please, if you manage to organize this event and some local politicians agree to participate, I hope you would be interested in understanding Latvian political issues, learn about the main political parties in LV and not argue about US politics, who has more experience with politics, who speaks better English. At first I was interested in this event, and I would like to participate if I could but I’m not in Latvia and after reading your “expertise in politics” I’m already bored. By the way, forgive me about my English command, I’m not a native speaker and yet I could make myself understood in Latvian, Russian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese over the years.
    So Tor Bernhard Slaathaug, good luck with the event and I wish that some people interested in Latvian politics would attend.
    2 hours ago · 
  • Olga Alekss I have no idea what you guys are discussing here (though honestly I’m just lazy to read everything) but I’m interested in attending this event 🙂

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