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September 26, 2008
September 26, 2008
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On Vox: AUSTIN TEXAS TRIP IS TODAY I LEAVE 1PM PLANE TAKE OFF 3:58PM [Sep. 26th, 2008|02:59 am]

Well, Tomorrow is the big day everyone!!!

And this is what i woke up too. My dear MC Miller


I must say i will try to blog every night for the 2 weeks, I am in Austin Texas. As well as take pictures everyday, and upload them. Also i must say, to everyone if the Plane crashes or gets hijacked. I promise you i will think of you whoever you are in my final moments. Those exs know exactly who they are lol. And certain friends. If it gets hijacked, ill do another flight 93. Me, and my german friend Stefan know what that means. To clue everyone in, me and him decided if we were ever together, or seperated on any plane we would give the hijackers hell. And teach some meanie hijackers some true nationalism. My german friend stefan having the milatary experience and training in the german army.

Of course i am being extremely sarcastic, and i am sorry to depress everyone if i died. I just want everyone to know what i would do in my final moments lol. This is like my 7th or 8th time being on a plane, if you count lay overs. So i doubt i shall die. If you count trips this is my 3rd trip to another state by plane. But this is the longest i will ever be away from home. I will be living with 2 very good friends of mine.

As to the music i shall be listening to Jen, Mc’s wife thinks its awful

12:47 AM me: im so stuck lately on a new band lol

keep listening to the same few songs

Jennifer: haha

i do that sometimes too

who are they?

me: a russian 1 a new 1 i found

12:48 AM
Jennifer: do they sing in english or russian?

me: both but more russian

the english version
12:49 AM
they havent released thier 1st album yet so i had to extract the audio to put on my lil mp3 player
12:50 AM
Jennifer: man dude, I don’t know how far this is away from Britney Spears. pretty awful

me: lol


12:51 AM
hush its still foregin

Jennifer: haha
12:52 AM
me: thats a russian song lolwhich is not have any britney spears influence lol 12:53 AM

i would guess they made a song about opium and love or love is like opium lol 12:54 AM
Jennifer: hahaha

As to my choice of music You guys decide I know for the past 2-3 days its what ive been listening too




Nothing can compare, to Юлия Савичева /Julia Savicheva Julia is just utterly beautiful everyone. Craciva Julia Beautifuil Yulia



See you guys in Austin folks, Read my ticket already you know you wanna!!! J’adore les copains et petite ami’s

Prepare For Your Trip

Hello Ricky,

Just a friendly reminder, there are only a few days left until your “Austin 9/26/08” trip.

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Passenger(s): RICKY CAIN

Frontier Airlines record locator: GQFFML
Ticket type requested: electronic (e-ticket)
CheapTickets record locator: AP270301R694SAMG
Airline ticket number(s): 4227519936303

Friday, September 26, 2008 Frontier Airlines # 661

Detroit Wayne County (DTW) to Denver International (DEN) Departure (DTW): September 26, 3:58 PM EDT (afternoon) Arrival (DEN): September 26, 5:08 PM MDT (evening) Class: Economy Seat request: choose seats Friday, September 26, 2008 Frontier Airlines # 162

Denver International (DEN) to Austin-Bergstrom Int’l (AUS) Departure (DEN): September 26, 7:00 PM MDT (evening) Arrival (AUS): September 26, 10:07 PM CDT (evening)

Class: Economy Seat request: choose seats

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Passenger: RICKY CAIN Airline ticket number(s): 4227519936303 Ticket type: electronic (e-ticket)

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Important notice related to ticket terms and conditions.

Billing Information Credit card holder’s name: Ricky T Cain Credit card type: MasterCard Credit card number: xxxxxxxxxxxx1780

Address: 1517 STEWART RD APT 338 MONROE, MI 48162 United States


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