This entry will be about the technical perspective of the email server, while this topic may seem political it is not. I will disclose that I’m a Libertarian, and I did vote for Trump. However, that doesn’t sway my seasoned technical opinion because additionally  I run an email server  just like Hillary Clinton. The only bias  within this  should be the truth, and the considered possibility.

To understand, Email Service has not really evolved as the rest of the internet has. The internet was built on transparency, and open standards, security was an afterthought. Email Service Providers pioneered  electronic mail as it was coined began in 1962.  Lateron in the 1980’s POP mail  became a standard for how  email would  transmit from the email server to the  persons computer. Within the 1990’s a secure version of POP3S was instituted  however not every email service made this their policy. In fact it had not become standard till  after Edward Snowden made his debut about  the NSA spying on everyone.

For the reader to understand all email sent and received  from 1962-2013 was sent  for anyone to see as if it was a postcard going through the post office box. With POP3S and IMAPS any email created  as a draft on the Email Server was now encrypted, however the point in which an email was sent, the entire world can read it’s contents. The only email that is  secure end to end is encrypting every email with  PGP, or GPG which again is how  Snowden, communicated  to the Guardian before meeting. An example of this  form of encryption is below.

Given, the example of this GPG text, ask yourself do you believe that Hillary, or her assistant(s) etc were using this as the primary means of communication, in addition to  Obama, and other high ranking officials. This would be the first technical lie

As highlighted in this video


To understand and go point by point  for the second video

When, James Colmey is describing how email is transmitted regardless of what the email contained it went over a public internet in which nefarious actors could be laying in wait. The other is  every server is routinely attacked, and in layman’s terms  people jiggle the lock in order to try to get in. An example in a 7 hour period, there was  200 attack attempts on CainTech Services Email server. These were failed, and banned attempts to a unknown email service to the planet. Can one imagine the amount of attempts  for a governmental official?


Above, is a log by Fail2ban  which acts like a night watch guard banning and blocking bad attempts and preventing future attacks. The failure rate in which it is banned is one wrong attempt. The second attempt is  a 20 year ban from the server, unless the server administrator  whitelists, and unblocks the blacklisted IP address. This is a practice that I administer which is a strict policy.

Secondly, in one month, my webserver was  probed 4,996 times for bad wordpress login attempts, or other methods of entry. My webserver hosts  a hundred domain(s) with 1-3 users per website. In 2016, I instituted encryption, on the webserver, and all websites against the logins of all websites that had  Wordpress, or other CMS style websites. Even, though it maybe overkill an SSL certificate validates  for any client, or user that they are visiting  a secure and legitimate website in whom they intend to visit. This practice is used  on  the Email Server, as well. In today’s world  Below is a screenshot of emailed  ban attempts from the webserver.

In terms of Governmental standards for encryptions, whether it’s ciphers, or SSL Certificates, there are four important compliance measures HIPAA, FIPS, NIST, and PCI DSS  To note each of these compliance measures incorporate ciphers has different levels of  enforced security. Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) includes old vulnerable ciphers of encryption, that are vulerable to known attacks. Could this alone explain, Hillary’s server being hacked. HIPAA guidelines are additionally out of date, these may have been superior standards at one time. Though have seen been proven weak. National Institute Of Standards  And Technology (NIST) also requires weak ciphers as of 2015. In short  the private sector/open source ciphers are known to be the strongest ciphers, because there is no known vulnerability. These ciphers can become weak over time.

Again to note  even if Hillary meant well in a professional IT experience the odds are  in favor that her server was hacked, and compromised only due to the fact she attracts international attention. While using a server inside her residence. Secondly, the fact that she  sent unencrypted email across the internet which in itself would attract attention. Third the Federal Guidelines  for securing communications  are out of date so much so the standard FIPS ciphers are 15 years out of date. NIST is out of date by one year and HIPAA as well. Fourth is people whom she was in contact with her hacked, which means she was the primary target. The only explanation is that Hillary, either was relaxed about security matters, or hired incompetent staff and IT personnel.

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