Choices Poem

Choices By Ricky Thomas Cain   Life brings you hard choices. Life is what you make of it a friend tells me The choice is what you do with it. So many choices, so little time. Feel pressure from everywhere. Then you feel So small. People put you through crap. Then they want you near. I understand you better then you think. But bear in mind this.I care for ...

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Times Poems

Times By Ricky Thomas Cain   Sometimes you feel up, Sometimes you feel down, Sometimes your inbetween. \Sometimes you feel nothing But you always feel something

Music In Love Poem

Music in love By Ricky Thomas Cain   Amy lee you say it best In your songs of love Understanding, Even in death, And Anywhere I feel what you feel I love someone so Your songs describe my thoughts and feelings She hurt me She knows who she is I love you Kelli I know you love Leslie Please see we are the same Why did you hurt me, when ...

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Pasts Poem

Pasts By Ricky Thomas Cain   We all have pasts We have pain We all want it gone For some it can not be that New years New things We just repeat the circle Trapped by our future We are never free