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The News reports of those  events in Ukraine are  generally  accurate.

If I add in the geopolitical stance. I would have to say I have sided with the Pro Eastern European side. Which is vibrantly  Anti Russian.  Also as  a side note I lived in Germany, Latvia, Belarus, Estonia,  & Russia  over a period of about 1 year.  (4 months in Russia Saint Petersburg & Pskov Russia)  (3 months in Riga, Latvia) (2 weeks in Tallinn, Estonia) (1 Month in Belarus) (1 month in Germany)

What the news lacks  historically to mention is that Belarus & Ukraine  was the start of  slavic culture.  Slavic culture being Russian culture. There is a second version of slavic culture which is  the western slavs. We call these people Polish (Poland & Polish are slavic languages & areas) Russians are Eastern Slavs. The difference is  Poland favors western ideals & attitudes.  Eastern Slavs  prefer  slavic culture. Feeling it is the superior culture to those around.

This area  which encompassed  Belarus & Ukraine was called Kievan Rus (Russia before it was Russia)


Kievan Rus


Over time Kievan Rus  just expanded Eastward  which  we know today as Russia, (Russians defeated the Mongols, Khazars, & others to merge it all as Russia)

According to most Russians the Vikings  are  early Russians.  (A fun fact if you talk with any Russian)

What  the news also neglects to talk about  due to its sensitivity is under  the Czars  are Communism Ukraine was  bitterly beginning to resist Russian  imperialism.  Since there was a point Ukraine became  apart of Poland & Lithuania (Western Slavs)



As we know history, Russia won this fight,  which Ukraine was annexed to Russia under the Czars, (Saint Petersburg was originally for thousands of years apart of Finland till Peter The Great)

What follows afterwards is the horrible hell as if you could even call it that.  A hell that has lasted nearly 100 years over Ukraine ending when the Soviet Union collapsed.

To start this 100 years of  repression you need to start with Stalin, there is the Holodomor (Ukrainian for Death By Starvation) To this day the Holodomor is considered  Western Propaganda  to most Russians even though 10 million Ukrainians were starved to death. The Russians  living in Russia were  well fed.

This is where the divisions between Ukrainian Culture & Russian Culture separate,  as does  all native people’s in Eastern Europe except Belarus & Transhistria.  Every  country except the 2 listed  have either a historical or personal hatred for anything that is Russian culture.  Since the Czars & after the Russians carried out a process that was called Russification.  Russians for centuries have been  arresting, imprisoning or murdering  natives of the neighboring countries.  Either because they feel the country or people are inferior. Or they feel  Russia is obligated  to have more land.

The only 2 successful areas that completely  submitted to this was  Belarus & Transhistria. Since it is illegal to speak  the native languages.  Russian is the only legal language to speak, any other non pro Russian stance is vilified. Russia also uses these 2 countries as a proxy for the  weapons trade. Its  sales of  weapons & arms to  African  warlords in Sudan & other portions of Africa.  As well to destabilize  NATO.

The 3rd thing the news does not speak of is the Eurasian Union which is a revamp of the former Soviet Countries under a new name.  The Current members are Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia. The projected new members are Ukraine,  Moldova, Georgia, Vietnam. The main point of this  economic union is to  first spread   a Russian point of view. As well as the idea to transit oil  to the European Union.


Gas Pipelines

As well with a poll on those that favor the Eurasian Union

Country 2012 2013
 Russia 72% 67%
 Belarus 60% 65%
 Kazakhstan 80% 73%
 Armenia 61% 67%
 Azerbaijan 38% 37%
 Kyrgyzstan 67% 72%
 Moldova 65% 54%
 Tajikistan 76% 75%
 Uzbekistan 67% 77%
 Georgia 30% 59%
 Turkmenistan 50%
 Ukraine 57% 50%


With these facts in mind,  and as the educated reader, what direction should Ukraine take? It will always be a choice of East, Or Western style politics.

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