Why Drugs are destructive

As a note this post on my personal website will take a far different tone from it's usual sarcasm  of my life. My younger brother  has become schizophrenic.  This post is dedicated to  having people learn about  the REAL DANGERS of heavy drugs. I will update this post from time to time with more information on  things that  occur or such. Keep in mind, he was  taking pot and other ...

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New Icann Rules

For those that like the NSA or want to wonder about NSA Governmental pressure on the Internet about Identification. I recieved this as apart of my work from Godaddy. NO Web Host is immune. Unless you go into the Darknet/Deep Web. Which is the last Wild…View Post

SEO Done Right!Sometimes I  (Caintechservices LLC) just do SEO (search Engine Optimization) Just right. Keep in…View Post