Computer Security (Topic) (Non Expert)

Ricky Cain

 Here today, I am here to talk about your online privacy. And security, I know you have heard the terms spyware, adaware. Viruses, Trojans, Hackers. And all the other things out there. In this I hope to assist you in being able to determine the difference between the few. With this in mind I begin here.

When you download a program from the Internet, it sometimes contains things bundled with it. Like say, when you buy a ring. You have a chance of getting a small paper ad in the box. The same applies to programs.  Adaware is other programs that are unwanted, and bundled with whatever you downloaded. Adaware can be just an annoying program, or it can be a security threat.  It is a security threat, when it collects unwanted information on the user. The key word is unwanted. Normally, the 3rd party program provides an uninstaller to operate and remove it.

Spyware is when it collects information on you. And uses it against you. In a form as such as targeted advertising. Or maybe used to make your computer a zombie to do whatever it is needed to. Typically spyware collects information on you. And does targeted advertising or sends the information back to what I call home base (Where it came from) to where it can be used.

Viruses can be known to unknown. Surprisingly, there are good viruses out there. Viruses that are intent on doing good, but when there are compatibility issues. It screws up and messes a pc up. The bad viruses are those that are similar to spyware.  But the intent on causing damage, whether it be against a company. Or just to annoy people. Even though viruses are found out, by major Anti-Virus leaders. Such as Symantec, Mcafee and Grisoft, They do still spread on either incompetence or not releasing what it is. There is a saying that a virus is created every 5 seconds.  Therefore not every virus is identified. Viruses can be created for just about any reason. If there is a need for it. Then it is likely the need will meet the supply.

Hackers can be very misunderstood because it depends on the person.  The textbook defection is there are three types of hackers. White hat, Gray hat, and Black hat. White hat hackers are considered people that love to learn about computers or anything they tinker with.  A white hat hacker is someone that is trying to understand why things work they way they do. They do not use their knowledge for mischievous use.  A black hat hacker is the ones you hear about in the news. That does damage to websites or steal information for personal gain. A gray hat hacker is someone that is a mix of the white and black. They typically are defensive, just as say a scorpion is. If you don’t bother them you are fine. If you do your in trouble.

There is no true way, to always be safe online. The best way is to always do credit checks. Against stolen identification,  or fraud that was committed against you.  The system is basically set up in a defensive principle.






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