August 15, 2005

Computer Security

Computer Security (Topic) (Non Expert) Ricky Cain  Here today, I am here to talk about your online privacy. And security, I know you have heard the […]
August 5, 2005

Technology Solves Problems

  Technology Solves Problems Ricky Cain    Technology solves problems, by making communication faster, and easier.  It does this by having interconnectivity. Without this connectivity, things […]
August 1, 2005

Words Infer

Words Infer Ricky Cain The words infer, and imply. Can have several comparable meanings, Imply means to basically say something indirectly.  If I was to highlight […]
July 24, 2005


  Plagiarism   Ricky Cain     Ways, to check sources creditability, is to in my opinion do a Google search. Even though it sounds simplistic, my […]