Technology Solves Problems

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August 1, 2005
August 8, 2005
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Technology Solves Problems

Ricky Cain 


Technology solves problems, by making communication faster, and easier.  It does this by having interconnectivity. Without this connectivity, things would be back the way they were.  Things have gotten the way they were, because of imagination and everyone wanting to make things better then they currently were. The positives of this are.

With this in mind, it makes the way the world today possible. Even with the further advancement, the world seemingly is getting smaller and smaller. Each day, however as the world gets smaller so does competition.  This can be a blessing in disguise because, if a few people or companies control something.  There is an organizational system. This can make things simplified. Also cheaper prices can be its own result from this.

I support technology, because yes even though our reliance will grow, I prefer to be an optimist I see what we can gain from technology. Who it can benefit and why, I tend to think if we look; on the negatives we will get no where. This I think would be a setback instead of a lead forward  like that of which technology has taken us too.

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